Congratulations to our new inductees – Spring 2019

Welcome to Alpha Epsilon Lambda!

We are excited to have you all as part of our alpha chapter. The AEL membership is a lifelong journey and we look forward to helping you start your professional development and involvement in our community.

We look forward to seeing you all at many developing honor society events in the future!

Best regards,

– AEL Family




Left to Right: Lauren Wong, Kyle Scott, Rachel Narducci, Hannah Eckdahl, Matthew Booth, Alireza Adibfar, Adam Bent, Sonora Windermere (not pictured)



IMG_3433Hannah Eckdahl


IMG_3439Adam Bent


IMG_3448Kyle Scott


IMG_3456Rachel Narducci


IMG_3466Matthew Booth


Alireza Adibfar
ael u-1 (2)
Sonora Windermere (not pictured)


IMG_3494Lauren Wong




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