October – November 2020

Emily Klann


Meet Emily Klann,

Emily is a third-year PhD student in the Department of Epidemiology studying the connection between the microbiome and host health outcomes. She was inducted into Alpha Epsilon Lambda in Fall of 2019 and is the current Membership Chair. She is involved in other organizations as well and is the Vice President of OGAP, a mentor for CHOMP, and is an inductee of Delta Omega (Public Health Honors Society). She is also currently working as an epidemiologist for the UF Screen, Test, and Protect team here on campus. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career in applied epidemiology in the public sector.

Keep up the good work Emily!

AEL Family


March – April 2019

Prabal Tiwari

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Meet Prabal Tiwari,

He is a Ph.D. candidate in Materials Science and Engineering, is our featured member this month. In addition to his research on nanowire-based magnetic sensors, he is active on campus as the captain and president of the Gator Badminton Club. Under Prabal’s watch, the Gator Badminton Club recently won 2nd place at the Yonex Collegiate Championships Southern Conference amongst five schools from Florida and Georgia. They’ll be competing against other conference winners from across the northeast and mid-atlantic in New York this month. Let’s wish Prabal and the badminton team good luck in their competition!

Congratulations Prabal for wining the 2nd place at the Yonex Collegiate Championships Southern Conference!

Keep up the good work.

AEL Family


January – February 2019

Martin Nwodo


Meet Martin Nwodo,

Our AEL active member, Martin is a third year Ph.D. Candidate in Construction Management at Rinker Sr. School of Construction Management, in College of Design, Construction and Planning at UF. His current research interest is in advancing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of buildings (i.e. quantification of their life cycle environmental impacts), which is crucial to achieve building sustainability. The intended advancements include: development of structured process model for LCA, integration of exergy concept into LCA for more comprehensive assessment, and formulation of strategies for increased use of advanced LCA in building industry. Building Information Modelling (BIM) tool and a computer programming language will be leveraged.

Martin holds a B.Eng. in Civil/Structural Engineering from University of Nigeria, Nsukka in Nigeria, and a M.S. in Civil/Structural Engineering from University College London, UK. Prior to his studies abroad, he worked for one and half years as a graduate structural engineer in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria with RedGrey Associates, Ltd. Recently at UF, Martin was recognized with the International Student Achievement Award, based on outstanding academic achievements.

As extra-curricular activities, Martin enjoys playing soccer, ball pool, hiking, biking, traveling, and community service.

Congratulations Martin for wining the International Student Achievement Award!

Keep up the good work.

AEL Family

International Student Achievement Award

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Martin Nwodo (to the left) was one of the five graduate students selected from the College of Design, Construction, and Planning at UF.


December 2018

Jerone Dunbar


Meet Jerone Dunbar,

Our AEL active member, Jerone is a Ph.D. candidate in the Human Experience Research Lab at the University of Florida. He is in the final weeks of his doctoral degree in Human-Centered Computing, which is within the Computer & Information Science & Engineering Department at the University of Florida. Jerone’s research interests is focused on driver distraction, driver drowsiness, electrophysiological data devices and in-vehicle applications. Jerone received his BS and MS degrees in Computer Science and will start working as a Senior Human-Centered Computing Researcher at Honda Research and Development in December 2018.

Outside of research and work in the lab, Jerone enjoys playing soccer basketball and exercise.

Jerone, we wish you the best of lucks in your new journey and we hope for success in every step of your life.

Keep up the good work.

AEL Family


October 2018



Meet Joseph Isaac,

Our AEL active member, Joseph is a third year Ph.D. student in the Human-Centered Computing program in the Department of Computer & Information Science & Engineering. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, College Park, and an M.S. in Information Technology from the University of Maryland University College. He studies the effect of embedding culture and authenticity into learning computer science concepts for middle and high school students. Furthermore, he hopes to help broaden participation in computing fields especially for underrepresented groups like minorities and women. Prior to his studies at UF, Joseph was a software engineer at Northrop Grumman.

After a 4-year hiatus, Joseph returned to Northrop Grumman this past summer as an User Experience intern in Fairfax, VA. He led a small team with designing and implementing an application that used real data to predict simulated scenarios in a 3D virtual environment.

Joseph, keep up the good work.

AEL Family


September 2018



Meet Rachel Zahigian,

Our AEL Treasurer, Rachel Zahigian, is a fourth year PhD student in Biostatistics. She studies adaptive clinical trial design, working to improve the safety and efficacy of the drug development process. She recently returned from a summer internship at the Food and Drug Administration in Silver Spring, Maryland, where she worked on a causal inference project, analyzing the relationship between treatment dosage and survival outcomes in a longitudinal setting where there may be time-varying confounders.

Congratulations to Rachel on her exciting internship opportunity!

Keep up the good work.

AEL Family


May 2018



Meet Vicki Osborne,

Vicki received her Bachelor of Science (Honors) in biomedical science from the University of Portsmouth in 2008 and Master of Science in epidemiology from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in 2012. She joined the Drug Safety Research Unit in Southampton, UK to serve as a Research Fellow in 2009, progressing to Senior Research Fellow in 2013. Vicki joined the Department of Epidemiology, College of Public Health and Health Professions and College of Medicine at the University of Florida (UF) in 2015, as a pre-doctoral student under Dr. Linda B. Cottler. Dr. Cottler served as the chair of her dissertation committee and primary research mentor.

Her research interests focus on the off-label use and misuse of prescription medications. For this reason, her dissertation examined risk factors for non-medical use of prescription opioids among youth, identifying sex differences in these factors. Vicki joined the Medication Use, Safety and Evidence (MUSE) study in the Department of Epidemiology at the University of Florida as Project Manager in 2016. MUSE is an FDA mandated study of the risks of misuse and abuse with extended release/long acting prescription opioids.

Vicki has published 18 papers in peer-reviewed journals so far, with a further 48 poster presentations and 10 oral presentations at national and international conferences. In addition, Vicki is the co-author of a book chapter on Event Monitoring in the UK. She has received several awards and travel grants recently including the UF International Center Certificate of Outstanding Achievement in 2017 and the NIDA Women & Sex/Gender Differences Junior Investigator Travel Award to attend the College on Problems of Drug Dependence 2018 Annual Meeting.

Today the AEL family wants to congratulate Vicki Osborne for completing her Ph.D. in Epidemiology at the University of Florida this Spring of 2018. 

Vicki, we wish you the best of lucks in your new journey and we hope for success in every step of your life.

Keep up the good work.

Go Gators!


April 2018


Meet Arun Jani,

A third-year Ph.D. student in the Agronomy Department. His dissertation research focuses on soil nitrogen management under conservation tillage in intensive cropping systems. Arun holds an M.S. in Soil Science from North Carolina State University. Apart from his involvement in AEL, Arun is also vice-president of the Agronomy Graduate Student Association and a member of the Plant Science Council.

Today the AEL family wants to congratulate Arun Jani for two outstanding achievements:

  1. Winning the very prestigious Madelyn Lockhart Dissertation Fellowship!
  2. Winning the distinguished Jimmy G. Cheek Graduate Student Medal of Excellence 

Arun, keep up the good work.

Go Gators!

 Madelyn Lockhart Dissertation Fellowship

Arun Jani

President W. Kent Fuchs, Arun Jani, and Dr. Ayshe Gunduz

Jimmy G. Cheek Graduate Student Medal of Excellence


March 2018



Meet Leanne Dumeny,

We all know her as a distinguished member of AEL but she is more than that! Leanne Dumeny is a Graduate Student of the Department of Pharmacotherapy and Translational Research at the University of Florida.  Her research interest is in Pharmacogenomics in Cardiovascular Disease. Leanne is originally from Florida, the Sunshine State.

Today the AEL family is proud to announce the UF team placed fourth at the Emory’s Global Health Case Competition, behind teams from Emory, the University of Minnesota and McMaster University.

Emory provided teams with their case one week prior to the competition. This year, teams were challenged to respond to a hypothetical outbreak of coronavirus at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The UF team researched the cultural landscape of Qatar, the economic effects of a FIFA World Cup, disaster response during mass gatherings, the resources made available by the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and general principles of advertising and marketing. Their recommendations included constructing an elaborate disaster response communications network, creating branded face masks to prevent spread of the virus and establishing an initiative to unify the citizens of Qatar.

Leanne, keep up the good work.

Go Gators!

1st Place, UF Global Health Case Competition

4th Place, Emory’s Global Health Case Competition


January 2018


Meet Adania Flemming,

We all know her as the vice-president of AEL but she is more than that! Adania Flemming is a Graduate Student of the Department of Biology, at the University of Florida. Adania is originally from Trinidad & Tobago a beautiful twin-island nation in the Carribean. Adania specializes in Marine Biology and her research studies focus on the fish Etheostoma fusiforme, also known as the Swamp Darter. Adania is doing a comparative life history study between the Northeast and the Southeast population of Swamp Darter in the U.S.

Learn more about Adania’s journey at the University of Florida!

Go Gators!